A little bit about us...

Who we are

CoDesign Consulting is a Brisbane

based boutique consultancy that works

with both local & interstate businesses.

We are committed to inclusion beyond 'segregated services' to open up markets for all businesses to contribute toward active inclusion and citizenship in local communities.

We are passionate about thinking locally and acting personally in all aspects of our work, and believe in and are committed to, providing codesigned value for money solutions that make a difference.

What we do

We work with businesses across disability, aged care, & the human services sector to help them remain relevant & viable in ever changing marketplaces.

We provide advice and support to develop practical solutions to help your business deliver better outcomes for clients, more cohesive teams with shared goals and a better work/life balance for business owners.

We can also help with short-term and practical interventions or activities where you and your team may not have the staff, knowledge, or expertise.

Why we do it

It's quite simple really. We care.  We care about the people we work for & the people we work with.  

We care about supporting businesses delivering services to people with a disability, psychosocial disability or those who are ageing.

We care about making a difference to you and your business.

That's why we package a depth & breadth of knowledge, expertise & know-how

to help you codesign and implement solutions to address and respond to your most pressing business challenges.


How we can help....

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Business & Strategic Planning

Being successful in business is hard work at the best of times, it’s even harder without a road map that provides a sense of direction and keeps you on course.   

CoDesign your roadmap today


NDIS Consulting & Advisory Services

Navigating the 'perfect storm' created by the NDIS calls for increased resilience and the ability of organisations to adapt and change effectively as the disability market evolves.

CoDesign your NDIS response today


Organisational Transition & Change Management

Understanding both the positive and negative impact your quality of service has on your customers is critical to ensuring customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

CoDesign your change initiative plan today


Workforce Development

Having a workforce that is knowledgeable, skilled, and continually developing can be invaluable in setting your organisation apart from your competitors.

CoDesign your workforce advantage today


Complaint Investigations

With customers 4x more likely to defect to your competitor for service-related problems, complaints might just be the most valuable asset you cannot afford to ignore.  

CoDesign your customer response today

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Service Innovation

With the introduction of consumer directed care and price simplification across disability and aged care, there has never been a better time to innovate your business.

CoDesign your innovative solution today


“The coaching I have received has been invaluable and has taught me a great deal in helping me build my business.  Thank you!”

Amanda, NSW

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