Founder & Director

Naomi Matcham

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Naomi Matcham, founded CoDesign Consulting in 2016 because she wanted to make a difference and influence change in organisations experiencing challenges with delivering services to vulnerable people.  She is committed to person centred approaches and practices and inclusion principles for all people regardless of need, complexity or age.

Naomi’s strengths lie in her ability to analyse a business and quickly identify what’s working and what’s not working, and what can be done about it; providing business owners with the tools, resources and guidance they require to foster change and achieve business success over the longer term.

Naomi encourages the businesses she works with to see how they can make a difference; providing them with the tools, support, strategies and sounding board to 'have a go' without the fear of taking the next step due to a lack of knowledge, expertise or understanding.

Naomi has extensive experience working in the disability sector, from owning and operating CoDesign, to working in the NDIS space and supporting organisations navigate national disability reform both in Australia and the UK.  With a strong track record in improving business performance, financial cost modelling, service design and delivery, and workforce development, Naomi is passionate about working with existing and emerging small to medium businesses to identify and articulate their niche, create value, and thrive under the NDIS.

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